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m a t h i l d e

h o l d i n g   f a s t   
t o   w h a t   i s   g o o d

Mathilde is a bi-annual, high quality hardcopy magazine. 

We facilitate free enquiry into the cultural zeitgeist,

stand for reclaimed feminism,

and explore the legacy of our Western heritage

without being constrained by the political script.

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Mathilde values truth above dogma,

freedom of inquiry above groupthink,

virtue above virtue signalling,

and resilience above victimhood.

We do not capitulate to any political narrative

in our exploration of, and commentary on,

new social and cultural shifts,

and the legacies of Western tradition.

We are reclaimed feminism.

Seeking an alternative path towards progress,

we look back on the lessons of history,

and believe the secret weapon is speaking truth,

in love.


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