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We are seeking honest and perceptive discussion
of current political events, cultural trends, and the developing zeitgeist
If you have a pitch you think would suit our magazine,
we'd like to hear from you!

When submitting your pitch, remember to include:

  • the subject of your article

  • the angle you intend to take

  • your personal expertise and/or experience


  • why this topic is important to you


Submission Guidelines

We are committed to putting forward
an accurate reflection of reality,
which we hold to be objective.

We accept:

long & short form articles


book and film reviews


short stories & poetry*


Letters to the Editor

We give priority to:

items about women's contribution to society,

and aspects of culture which contribute to,

or denigrate from their flourishing.

Submissions are welcome from all people.

Accepted items may be subjected to editing.

Articles must not be published elsewhere.

* Poetry submissions are limited to three poems per issue cycle (currently bi-annually),

and short stories are limited to 2,000 to a maximum of 3,000 words each.

Please send your pitch by filling in the below form,

remembering to include your name and email.

For poems and short stories, we do not require a pitch. Simply submit your finished literary work in a Microsoft Word or Google doc.

Thank you for considering joining Mathilde as a contributor.

We look forward to hearing from you!

* Please note: as a grassroots publication, we do not offer payment for contributions, instead hoping that you enjoy the thrill of seeing your unique thoughts in print, knowing that they are making an impact worldwide.



Thanks for your pitch submission! We will be in touch, but feel free to follow up with us.

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