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About Us

The idea for Mathilde was born out of years of conversations between like-minded women about the need for a feminist platform that would advance  thoughtful and honest enquiry into, and commentary on, developing cultural trends,  discerning which ones advance women's betterment, and which detract from it. We strongly believed that it needed to be a platform unencumbered by any pressure to keep to the political narrative. 

We felt it was time create a place in the marketplace of ideas for women to explore and seek to understand what the repercussions of seemingly unrelated events might have on their role in society, and how it perceives them.

We are not intent on the subject of woman to the exclusion of all else, and champion, first and foremost, the commitment to consider questions critically, and people compassionately - so as to be able to address broader cultural considerations from a position empowered with knowledge and wisdom. Patience with political adversaries, and confidence in where we stand, will, we believe, best enable women to make the most positive impact, and bring about the flourishing of individuals and societies.

To that end, we seek to be a magazine that values  truth above dogma, freedom of inquiry above groupthink, virtue above virtue signalling, and resilience above victimhood.

And in defiance of Cancel Culture, we 'hold fast' to those legacies of Western culture that enrich and progress our human story.

We are reclaimed feminism seeking an alternative path towards progress. We look back to the lessons of our history,  rooted in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, and believe the secret weapon is speaking truth, in love.

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