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As a grassroots publication, Mathilde, currently receives no government, beneficiery or grant funding. Our writers, artists, interviewees, and other contributors have given their times and talents, so far, gratis. And of course, our tireless team have spent countless hours making Mathilde possible without yet seeing a cent. This is how much our project is being fostered and fuelled by the passion for, and vision of, a better culture for women and society in Australia. 


The successful publication of our first and second issues was made possible solely through the confidence our subscribers put into our production, making a pre-order without even seeing what Mathilde would look like. It is thanks to their trust and patience, and personal loans from some of our team, that we have arrived at the possibility of producing our third issue within our first year of launching. 


But now, something big has happened. We have been taken on by a distributor who believes we have something the general public will want to read. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, but to give Mathilde her big break, more funding is required for the outlay of printing and overhead costs. 


Although Mathilde is working towards financial self-sustainability, and is on track to do so in the future, we cannot work towards this until we get a little help from our friends now. And we know you are many. You have voiced your support, your admiration, and your need for a publication such as this. 


Which is why we have added the choice to become a friend of Mathilde in our online store; to invite subscribers and supporters the chance to become a part of our next big leap onto store shelves around Australia! 


This way, we can continue to grow our conversation about culture, women and history with more people, some who may never have considered the alternative views and ideas we explore.


If you are able to help us in this way, we would be so incredibly grateful. 


To say thank you, those who purchase a 'Friend' package will have their names appear on subsequent issues (please notify us if you prefer to remain anonymous).  


And as an added show of our gratitude, you will also receive a handwritten thank you note in the mail from Mathilde's Founding Editor, Veronika. 


You joined the conversation. Now you can help grow our quiet revolution.

Become a Friend of Mathilde

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