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We sold out of Issue 4 as soon as it was out, so now it your chance to secure your single copy of Issue 5!


If you aren't ready to commit to a subscription just yet, we have you covered.


Order our single issue option, and bask in the glory of Mathilde as we explore the theme of 'intelligence'.


From education to knowledge, from wisdom to discernment, we cover it all. With our usual focus on free enquirey into all things, women, culture, and history accompanied by beautiful artwork, Mathilde is sure to be a sight for sore eye and balm to soothe the soul.


Don't miss out!


Printed on 100% recycled paper right here in Melbourne, we do not compromise on quality, but bring you an exquisite production from artworks of history, and stories and ideas not easily found in the popular marketpace of ideas. 


Out now, but will sell out soon.

Single Issue: Issue #5

Excluding GST
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